Following are the Heading of some works performed for our clients.

  • The present and future aerostructure business in aeronautics
  • The future of the ATR airplanes family
  • The new turboprop as a substitute of the ATR airplanes
  • Superjet International: assessment of commercial organisation capabilities
  • On board airplanes electrical systems: a competitive scenario
  • On board airplanes electrical systems: an evolutionary scenario
  • On board Helicopters electrical systems
  • On board turboprop and business jet electrical systems
  • Strategic plan and new business areas in the onboard electrical systems
  • General aviation competitive arena mapping

In addition we have developed peculiar tools, that we may use by ourself or make available to our clients for studies and simulations they can make by themselves.

Our mission

Making your Aviation Business global, reaching new markets with new products and services.

To provide Consultancy to companies, mainly those operating in the aeronautical field.